Friday, December 08, 2006

Google ads on forehead?

OK. I couldn't think of any title for this post. So just picked up the last thing I mentioned in this post and made it the heading. But with Google now planning even “targeted measurable television ads” you never know!

But Google did one great thing and that was to come up with Gtalk. Things are such that I can barely manage without Gtalk at work. Now that's not because my team is separated all over the building, but it is necessitated because of the frigging earphones and all the stupid music people around me are tuned to. Somebody make them read this!

Browsing through Scoble's Link Blog, I came across this interesting piece titled "Dumbing Down of Programming". I am sure these guys will try to make a point at me through this ;)

Then, there's this wonderful Reformat option in Eclipse that Desh told me about. Its such a pity people can't write a clean piece of code. But this at least solves all the indentation blues. Just hit Ctrl+Shift+F and it indents all the code as per the preferences set. Talking of Eclipse, Google has now joined hands with Eclipse. How this will bring Google closer to the open-source community remains to be seen.

And this week's super comic. I'll have to say this kid is certainly showing signs of excessive blogging!

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