Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Want to play with the Vaio?

After cool iPod Shuffle ad, the uncool Vista ad, its now time to see the funny Vaio Interactive Flash stuff. It features a PC, a Mac and a Vaio (Remeber the I'm a mac, I'm a PC ad from Apple) . But wait a sec, isn't Vaio a PC??? But then, you can always say that Vaio is in a league of its own.

Beats me, how I couldn't convince my cousin to get a Vaio instead of the stupid Compaq thing she got.

Check out the funny Vaio Interactive Flash and the explore the new Sony Vaio C Series .

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1 comment:

Prasoon said...

VIAO n league of its own - nah - I wouldn't but that..

you either own a PC or don't and plz - _VAIO is a PC_