Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Apple's new iPod Shuffle ad

Wandering aimlessly, flipping pages after pages of my feed reader (which these days is showing lots of 500 errors), I came across this new iPod shuffle ad on UNEASYsilence. Cool, but definitely not extraordinary!

Talking of ads, you ought to see these amazing HP's Computer is Personal Again ads that Justin pointed out.

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Prasoon said...

Dude..u forgot - Apple is selling an mp3 player whereas HP in that ad is vouching for a laptop..

Whatever the caes, people here to who so ever I showed the ad - loved it. "Put some music on" makes iPod seem like a fashion accessory and the ad rightly portrays it - temme truly: did you really think that you'd not want to have that 'shuffle' if given and wouldn't you plug it to ur tee?

caffinemarketing said...

this is amazing. i wanted to give you props on being the first person to post this video from youtube. i used it for my website.

Caffeine Marketing - Daily News

enginerd said...

Prasoon, music-impaired that I am, I am really not that keen on plugging that Shuffle to my tee :P

Thanks Caffeine! But I am not too sure if I was the first one to post this video from YouTube.