Thursday, November 16, 2006

Microsoft Zune - Weird Screenshot

This guy was lucky enough to lay his hands on the new Zune! And he's put up this image that shows up when Zune install failed for him.

Zune - Weird image on Install Failure

[ via Angry Asian man | Boing Boing ]

OK. This hardly makes any sense to me! Can you make out what's going on here in this image?


Prasoon said...

Don't tell me you didn't see an explanation to what this was .

Buddy, stay updated - this is like 2 days old.. Anyways, a great thing na for Microsoft to show off in STYLE :D

enginerd said...

I'll have to say these are some amazing explanations! My pick: "Three friends wrestling around on a nice summer day." ;)

desh said...

Prasoon is always the updated fellow on gadgets, I bet even the new James blond came to him for advice :)

Naresh said...

Frnz fightin out 4 a new zune...
thtz wht i feel!

enginerd said...

Desh, I saw the new James 'Blond' this Saturday and he was without any gadgets!!! But boy, didnt our Prasoon give him and his girlfriend some awesome phones! (What was that White Sony Ericsson model Eva Green flaunted???)

Naresh, yea I exactly know what you feel!