Wednesday, November 29, 2006

There we go again

Not for the first time in my life, I am struggling to beat a deadline. I've always wondered how engineers like me always make it a point to meet the deadline. Never beating it.

Anyways, here is some random stuff:

This guy wrote on his blog, how he wanted to drive an aston Martin. And guess what, he got to drive it. The super cool people at Aston Martin SA arranged for him to spend a day driving an Aston Martin.

The new Apple 'Get a Mac' ads are out. I haven't been able to see them because somehow Quicktime declines to install on the machine I am currently on and the ads weren't yet on YouTube the last time I checked.

Wired is "asking for your help choosing the brainy men and women who filled your Google search boxes and fueled your dreams. " So go and leave your suggestions!

"Avoid the loony Zune." Thats how Andy Ihnatko titled his blunt review of the Zune where he wrote that it'll be dead and gone within six months. Till this morning, I was wondering if there did exist a 'positive' review for the Zune. And then, I read this.

1 comment:

Prasoon said...

Random stuff is cool da..

Talk of the Aston-Martin - da, can I ask for AirForceOne or something like that ;)

Apple ads are cool - better than the previous one. they actually dont show the Windows guy into more -ve arena now actually.

talk of Zune - well, if you're following the Amazon's list - you will surely agree with Andy - it'll be gone in Six months if nothing new comes up. The new Shuffle is selling more than Zune da- whatever happened to tht wifi sharing n all - didn't quite work you see.