Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Big Bad Champions

Certainly not a behaviour expected from the world champs! Perhaps they dont realize that the same enthusiasm and attitude on the field that makes them champions transforms them into an ungracious and arrogant lot off the field.

Just wondering what Mr. Dalmiya and Co. would be thinking on this. What they've been trying unsuccessfully so far was so easily accomplished by Ponting and Martyn: nudging Mr. Pawar aside.

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Naresh said...

the last line was a killer :P

Atishay Kumar said...

think what dalmiya would have done if he would have been at pawar's place.

desh said...

if this wud have been done to dalmiya
DADA wud have beaten the hell out off Ponting

Sorry to say but our captain is pretty lame...

enginerd said...

What's Ponting in front of our dada? Dada didn't even spare Steve Waugh.

Maverick said...


Mandira says, "What a great feeling."
Charu disagrees, "I don't know about Mr. Pawar though."

damn the Kangaroos are arrorgant batards..guess it comes with the territory..or does it?