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Shiv Visvanathan on 'Sex and the Single Man'

My favourite Professor from college, Shiv, was on television yesterday talking about the findings of the fourth India Today-AC Nielsen-ORG-MARG survey on sexuality. The half hour piece on Headlines Today, was a discussion on his recent essay on India Today's cover story, "Men In A Muddle".

For the better half of those 30 minutes, I was frantically trying to reach all my friends asking them to turn on their Television sets and while some did manage to do that, some just had to make do by swearing at their cable wallahs. And so, I thought I'll just post here some of Shiv's lucid statements, which we've all been so used to of hearing in those Humanities lectures back in campus:

On Bollywood's role in changing the outlook of men on sensuality:

"Bollywood is the magnifying glass and the mirror of the middle class."

On Pornography: [Hehe, we've all heard that often, haven't we ;) ]

"Pornography is a part of the Information Revolution and it is here to stay and grow."

"Pornography is like Democracy. The only difference being that unlike democracy, pornography cannot be regulated through legislation [...]"

"[...] educational device than an erotic stimulus."

And finally, "Women might be oppressed but men might still be repressed!"


You know who else lies sex? This guy.
Anonymous said…
This is what Arun Garg had to say about this and i quote.

i watched the first discussion on this survey about a fortnight back on
Aaj tak. It was broadcast after 11 pm. Very amusing indeed. The female
host looked quite tense and there was a sense of unease in the whole
'discussion'. Prahlad kakkar made an interesting remark:
'most males want to have a female friend. but there is this issue of
demand and supply. that is the reason for protest against Valentine
'yaar hammein aisi kya burai hai jo merey paas ladki nahin hai,' kakkar
started an advertising agency because that way he wud get to meet
pretty girls.
yesterday i watched 'Mixed Doubles' Really superb. do watch it if u
have access.
@ashu: Everything sells. But nothing sells like Sex. On all the Indian
news channels, there is same news at the same time. there is no bludy
differntiation. and same style: "haan tau aap hamarey darshkon kau
batana chahengein kyaaaa dekha aapney ghatnasthal par"
Moron said…

I had seen it.. hail the bakar king!
Anonymous said…
this is more tentative than anything definitive!!! i wonder, if this man ever takes his words seriously... certainly i don't...

atleast everything he said above is BULLCRAP.
enginerd said…
Yep. Can't hardly disagree on the count that sex does sell on Indian News Channels. The way they sensationalize news, and scandals, and recreate events does make news appear more interesting than your now-ordinary saas-bahu sagas

We have this famous saying in our class of 2006, "Bullshit is bullshit. But this is horrible."
Guess whose words :P

But no, I hardly agree with you on taking his stuff seriously. I've always found his lectures and presentations as invigorating, full of spirit and oozing optimism.
Maverick said…
hey Anand, first of all, i so regret hvin missed it..when was it telecasted anyway? shiv n sex are like ham n sandwich..makes for a sinful combo..jeez the more i say, the more i rue..

Nywy, his comic take on PornaLisa as a part of Information Revolution wasa typical Vishwanathan n as always he gives the womenfolk the slide with his trademark sarcasm..pungent as always!! LOL

Sex sells on Indian Media but Shiv sells like hot cakes! Way to go Profatso!
enginerd said…
Someone should have recorded that stuff!!!

It was on TV last night and you should have seen the anchor Shireen's face while Shiv was firing away!

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