Friday, November 03, 2006

Blog sloth no more

And finally it appears that this long hiatus is coming to an end. It's been over six months that I last blogged here and the whole idea excites me again.

These past few months were quite something. Things moved at quite a pace and a lot of those did indeed make blogworthy content. But as ever, procrastination got the better of me and my return to the blogosphere just didnt seem to be happening. But now, lets just hope that updates here are not few and far between.

So, here's just a quick round up of what I've been upto recently:

I finally graduated. Yes, this'll come as a surprise to many who knew how keen some people were back there in the campus to have me around for a little longer :P

Crossed all limits of indecision, just as it came down to deciding which company I'd have pay me for going to their office daily. (It is quite a story and at some point of time, I'll be elaborating on that for sure.)

Moved to a new city, a city where I had spent three blissful years a decade ago. A city that just got itself renamed.

Then there've been lots of other things happening here in Mumbai, something that includes a 4 am joy ride across Mumbai, and the opportunity to meet an awesome bunch of bloggers - Amit Varma, Vulturo, Gaurav, Divya, Akshay, Ideasmith, Melody, Manish Vij, and Peter Griffin who were really nice to this baby blogger at Sakshi's place for Blog-a-Ween.


Prasoon said...

Lucky bugger - not fair - you didn't even tell me about it :|

Tech geek amongst the many 'others' - what did you plan n discuss huh??

WELCOME BACK btw.. We guys have become dormant da - right?

IdeaSmith said...

'Baby blogger', wish you'd spoken a little more...we're all talkers in this place.

Moron said...

Welcome bak monsieur!


nitesh said...

welcome back

Vivek Rathi said...

ah!! finally something lighter...

enginerd said...

Right. You've been dormant for far too long now. Unshutter that bhotoblog of yours real soon man.

What do I say, I was just in awe of all the A-listers there! :P
It was wonderful to meet everyone that evening.

Thanks. just wondering if you're taking French lessons for the thirty-fourth time :P

Nitesh, Vivek
Thanks guys.

desh said...

Mast you back. :)
me out for while
Jhatka and Kaam ka Bojh

ask him who gave him the invite ;)

enginerd said...

Already told him that :P

Melody said...

Hey Anand!

So good to see you're over your "blog sloth" & writing again :)

And totally agree with IdeaSmith!

enginerd said...

The next time I see you, I'm making sure I'm quite the chatterbox :P

Sakshi said...

My complain is not with talking but with NOT drinking.


enginerd said...

The misery. The exquisite tragedy.
Three comments from the fairer sex. And all they got are complaints :(