Thursday, November 30, 2006

Stuff: Coding, Orkut, Big MashUp and Podcasts

It has just struck me that of late I am spending more time documenting stuff rather than developing. Typical case of a developer in a large corporation. Long long time ago I had written that You remove fun from programming, include a whole lot of responsibleness and bring in hierarchy, what you get then is 'software engineering'. And I wasn't wrong then. If I were to throw a random number, I'd say I am documenting for about 40% of my time. Huge and terribly bad.

Its been ages I've logged onto Orkut. The Facebook account is dormant ever since I registered. It's high time the nice folks at Google release an Orkut API so that we can have something like this Facebook Firefox Extension for searching, notifications, and sharing. Great work there by Facebook developers. And it's all open so you can go ahead and modify it the way you like!

Then there's this new site I was looking at that Sun Microsystems have put up- The Big Mashup that'll feature "interviews and commentaries from some of the movers and shakers in the participation age". As this Sun Blog says it: "It features a documentary about how the network is changing how we get news, make social change happen, and are entertained. " I like the whole idea and have another subscription in my pod-aggregator now. I really dont understand why only a few are hooked to Podcasts.

And yes, apparently there's still hope for Zune. I always knew it!


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