Monday, December 04, 2006

The 'uncool' Vista Television commercial

And Microsoft does it again. Just like everything else with the Vista, they screw up the first television commercial too. Its simply too boring . I couldn't even stand to see the whole one-and-a-half-minute video.

Judge for yourself.


desh said...

wht crap
youtube goes down, so does the post on ur blog...

anywayy chk this out for a good microsoft ad,

and dude, no more blogarties for u in mumbai???

enginerd said...

Yep. saw this Outlook ad on Webchutney. Real slick. But the flash takes forever to load.

Thing's have been crazy for the past few days. Work's been keeping me ridiculously busy!

desh said...

same here
trying to do some crazy thng which is completely ajeeb

Prasoon said...

Totally uncool !!

enginerd said...

Desh, what could be this 'ajeeb' thing you working on? btw, did that wysiwyg thing work??

Prasoon, yep. For once, even I'll agree to your anti-MSism :P