Monday, December 04, 2006

Short notes

"They are grand memories." replies Max Skinner to the question "Are they good memories" in the movie A Good Year, prompting me to spend the whole of Sunday wondering what were my grandest memories. Surprisingly, nothing came to my mind- zero, zilch, nada. And so, I concluded finally that either I've had a pretty boring life or I simply do not realize the grandeur of my memories.

NR Murthy of Infosys was talking on one of the zillion news channels out there about the phenomenal growth of Infosys. And this he attributed to "the great Indian Middle Class" and its "strong work ethics". He said that "people didn't go home before completing their work." I am not too sure about Mr. Murthy and Infosys but others in this country's IT services companies seem to possess a completely different mindset with the sort of restrictions imposed on the employees, Internet access restriction being one of them. And the most absurd of reasons: "bandwidth availability!"

Tech2 has this review of PS3, Sony's next generation console, and they declare it a winner hands down over the XBOX 360. I wouldn't agree on that completely with what I've seen of the XBOX but still they've done a fantastic review.

Then, there are 250 Office templates for free download (via LifeHacker). [This link saved me the effort of creating a new template for a friend :P]

Over at ZDNet Blogs, Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes how Microsoft Zune has grabbed a 9% market share in 4 days brushing aside "most awful, naive nonsense" by the pundits on how Zune would fail.

Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake, Co-founders of flickr talk about how they ended up building flickr when they originally started with the idea of a game conceived as a context for social interactions. Quite an interesting read this at


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tpraja said...

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