Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Top Ten Girl Geeks

lisaparis2Just yesterday, c|Net tried putting up a list of Top 10 Girl Geeks. And no surprises, they had to include a cartoon and Paris Hilton(yes, Paris Hilton!!!) to fill the list.

Here's the complete list:
1. Ada Byron, world's first programmer
2. Val Tereshkova, went to space
3. Grace Hopper, found computer "bug"
4. Daryl Hannah, eco-friendly geek icon
5. Rosalind Franklin, chemist
6. Mary Shelley, wrote Frankenstein
7. Lisa Simpson, future president
8. Marie Curie, plutonium in her pockets
9. Aleks Krotoski, very chic geek
10. Paris Hilton, famous girl gamer

I'd say put Lenna on this list too :P

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Prasoon said...

No nominations from AXN series or say from movies :P ?

I remember VIP at this moment ;-)
Those desktops da....

desh said...

LOL Lenna deserves to be in the list

desh said...

any idea when this Top 10 thngy originated

mrin said...

yup lenna totally deserves ;)

Arun said...

Any hackers?

enginerd said...

How about Angelina Jolie? She played one in Hackers!!

Maverick said...

Gee! Hilton tht the hell did she find a place there..gotta be Lenna there!

Nazeer said...

lol lenaa very smart :P